Omagh PVC Supplies Timeline

Omagh PVC has been in business for over 20 years, so as you can imagine we have a lot of history. Below we will try to summarise just how far we have came. We think that customers like you deserve to know where you are buying from, and some may find it interesting. Hope you enjoy! (We'll add what we can as time moves on)

  • Today

    We love change

    We've just had our 3rd website implemented by our friends and web-developers Evolving Development, It highlights exactly what we offer. Why not let us know what you think!

  • Selection of design

    A product for everyone.

    Our warehouse is stocked with something for everyone! Through years of different designs and different panels, it is sure you will see something you like. We also have them bits and pieces you think you wont be able to replicate, just give us a call and find out.

  • Loyal Customers

    The Best Clients

    Happy customers are the only thing we care about. If a client is not satisfied, we go to any length to make sure they get what they asked for! So when customers continue to purchase of us we reward their loyalty.

  • Progress

    Becoming more recognised

    Just like any business to be successful you must try to reach as high as possible. It took some time to get to where we are today. I didn't happen over night.

  • Beginning

    First steps

    Company founded by Seamus McCallan in 1994. Situated in Omagh town for 5 years before moving closer to home and opening the warehouse you see today.